Secure your valuable assets in our private, state-of-the-art vault storage facility.

ARA Vaults are experts in the secure storage of a highly valuable possessions, such as gold and silver bullion, heirlooms, important documents and data, cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) and jewellery. We provide a range of different Safety Deposit Boxes and Bullion Safes to suit your storage requirements and we offer free unlimited access to your Safety Deposit Box or Bullion Safe at our private, state-of-the-art vault facility in Western Sydney. Our vault is equipped with highly secure technology and infrastructure, including Iris Biometric identification, to offer world-class security for your most valuable assets, investments and possessions. Through ARA Security, we can provide a seamless, door-to-door secure transport service to ensure the safe custody of your goods from local or international locations.


  • Unlimited Free Access to your Safety Deposit Box or Bullion Safe
  • Securely store your Gold or Silver Bullion
  • Door-to-door secure transport service via ARA Security
  • Complimentary insurance up to $10,000 per unit (by Lloyd’s of London)
  • Free Client Parking at our facility in Western Sydney
  • Secure boardroom facilities
  • Storage and inventory verification for SMSF clients
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No appointments necessary


About ARA Vaults

ARA Vaults is run by a team of specialists in the security industry, sharing over 20 years of expertise in the vaulting field and high-security facilities in Australia and abroad. We pride ourselves on the impeccable and discreet service we provide to our clients, which is informed by our expert industry knowledge and our experience in designing, building and operating vault storage and deposit box facilities which rank amongst the most secure in the world. Our team is fully trained in how to manage and professional control emergency situations and respond to threats or incidents involving risk to any persons or property with confidence. It is our mission to keep your valuables safe and ensure your absolutely security when you visit.

We invite you to take a complementary tour of our vault facility. Contact ARA Vaults today.