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ARA Security is a market leader in physical security and vehicle access control. We can design and install an innovative high-quality gate and barrier solution for each individual client’s needs.

Our stylish, architecturally-designed ARA Security gates and barriers protect many of the nation’s iconic sites, government buildings, utilities, and defence bases – those that rely on robust high security equipment.

All ARA Security gates and barriers are:

  • Stylish contemporary designs.
  • Resistant to high security attack.
  • Reliable, robust, and low maintenance.
  • Cost effective.
  • Installed using superior methods.
  • Tailored for each client with unparalleled technical advice, product choice and specifications.
  • Independently tested to meet and exceed Australian Standards.
  • Crash-rated barriers meeting and exceeding International Standards.

Our gates and barrier range includes:

  • Industrial and security gates
  • Boom gates
  • Vehicular gates
  • Road blockers such as High Security Hostile Vehicle Mitigation “HVM” bollards
  • Tyre spikes
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Fencing
  • More than 500 models of Securapost® bollards
  • Vehicular Access Control “VAC” bollards
  • Defenders
  • Card reader posts
  • Lockers and other security products with a range of access control systems such as proximity swipe cards, pin pads, remote control systems, automatic number plate recognition cameras and CCTVs.

Bollards and barriers

The increase of vehicles in urban environments has increased the need for effective barriers to provide safe pedestrian movement.  Bollards, gates, and other physical barriers have become an integral part of all new developments. Bollards and barriers provide:

  • Pedestrian delineation and separation
  • Perimeter security
  • Vehicle access control
  • Ram raid protection
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation

ARA Security can advise architects and specifiers on products with the right impact resistance, while achieving aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Our extensive experience in providing physical protection to the country’s most iconic landmarks and government buildings gives us the knowledge to advise and customise bollards and barriers to meet your architectural design needs and blend into the environment that they protect.

Boom gates

ARA Security provides the largest and most comprehensive range of boom gates across Australia, catering for simple vehicle access control in a public car park to the most secure installations of heavy industrial sites and government installations. Our boom gates can provide:

  • Manual and automatic models
  • 100% duty cycle – for continuous operation
  • A range of options and accessories
  • Solutions for most car parks and low to medium vehicle access applications.
  • Solutions for commercial and industrial areas

Using the combination of Leda’s proven and reliable electric motors and lever mechanisms, ARA Security can provide options for short opening and closing times without the boom arm bouncing in the end position. The lever arm system locks the boom at both end positions without the need for a receiving post.

Card reader posts and bollards

ARA Security can provide a diverse range of card reader bollards that are compatible with almost all access control systems. Card reader posts and bollards are available in:

  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Single and dual height (suited to cars and trucks)
  • CCTV and intercom compatible designs
  • Wall mounted and removable designs
  • Custom designs to suit any application


Fences form one of the most essential components of perimeter security. ARA Security can design, manufacture, install, service and integrate fencing into any security solution.

Pedestrian gates

Pedestrian gates can be supplied as stand-alone units or integrated with vehicular gates, turnstiles or fencing with a range of locking options. Pedestrian swing gates are available in 1.8m, 2.1m or 2.4m heights, with an opening of 1 metre. The gates are available in a range of different finishes with a number of infill options.

Road blocker (HVM) Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is a primary consideration for design engineers and consultants when planning new projects or upgrading existing sites. Vehicle barriers and road blockers provide medium to high levels of security against vehicle-borne impact attacks without compromising on pedestrian safety.

ARA Security’s vehicle barriers and road blockers offer a variety of security and impact protection solutions, ranging from low to very high security and impact resistance. Our engineers have developed a range of popular barriers and tailored designs can also be manufactured.

Vehicle barriers and road blockers may be installed:

  • as single independent units, in tandem or in a combination with other products such as gates to achieve a sluice or channel arrangement forming a vehicle checkpoint.
  • above ground, surface mounted, shallow mounted or conventional deep concrete footings.
  • painted in highly visible yellow with red warning colours. Custom colours and designs are available to suit your application.

Tyre spikes

Tyre spikes provide security protection for restricted areas deterring unauthorised entry or exit of motor vehicles. Tyre spikes work by damaging the vehicles tyres and immobilising the vehicle. Tyre spikes are constructed in heavy gauge mild steel, fully welded and hot-dipped galvanised and available in both manual and automatic models.

Tyre spikes can be used as part of a combined perimeter security solution incorporating barriers forming a vehicle checkpoint or utilised as part of a vehicle interlocking system.

Vehicular gates

ARA Security provide a comprehensive range of automated vehicular control gates to suit a large range of industrial, commercial and high security applications. Our range gates include:

  • Sliding gates
  • Bi-fold gates
  • Cantilever gates
  • Swing gates
  • Track gates
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What we do

Security solutions

ARA Security designs integrated security and locksmith solutions for a range of specialist and large-scale corporate, financial, defence and government clients.


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System Integration

The ARA Security team of experts interface a range of systems to create an automated solution reducing costs and streamlining human input to mitigate security and operational risks.

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CCTV and Digital Recording Solutions

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Industry Specialisation

A part of the ARA Group, ARA Security has a strong focus on safety, quality and risk management. Our experience in meeting the expectations in the government, corporate, defence and financial sectors makes ARA Security the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial security project.



ARA Security has a proud history of delivering security solutions to the financial sector across Australia and New Zealand.



The ARA Security team has the experience, qualifications and national security clearances ranging from baseline through to NV2 to work with any level of defence.



With an understanding of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) principals and approved by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) to provide specialist Security and locksmith services to high security facilities, ARA Security is highly experienced to provide security solutions to any level of government.



ARA Security plays an integral role in successfully delivering security solutions to the corporate and commercial sector.