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ARA Security specialises in the design, supply, installation, service and maintenance of closed-circuit (CCTV) surveillance systems across Australia and New Zealand.

Starting with a range of quality products and systems, we work with clients to understand your risks and needs and create functional CCTV solutions which not only meet those needs but caters for future changes or enhancements – whether it’s a small stand-alone system or a highly complex enterprise networked solution.

Selected and designed for the client from the best CCTV systems such as Genetec, Milestone, Geutebruck, Pelco,  FLIR, Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, NX Witness, and Vivotek, ARA Security solutions are reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective.

For over 20 years, the ARA Security team has designed and delivered some of the most advanced CCTV solutions, including high security locations for industries such as defence, nuclear facilities, Power plants, ports, and critical infrastructure. We have also been involved in projects for law enforcement and corrective services involving thermal camera solutions, force protection solutions integrated with ground-based radar, LRAD acoustic devices, thermal fences, human and object detection, suicide minimisation and geospatial early warning solutions.

Each of these high security solutions is bespoke designed and successfully implemented providing leading edge technology and highly innovative designs.

Examples of how ARA Security CCTV solutions assist clients include:

  • People counting
  • Facial recognition
  • Occupancy management
  • Hands free access control
  • Motion and zone detection
  • Parking management
  • Slips and falls detection
  • Left baggage detection
  • Analysing foot traffic, heat mapping and occupancy analysis
  • Searching by location, colour, and events
  • Social distancing management
  • License plate recognition
  • Forensic investigations and workflows
  • Interior and exterior heat-mapping
  • Hands free access management

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What we do

Security solutions

ARA Security designs integrated security and locksmith solutions for a range of specialist and large-scale corporate, financial, defence and government clients.


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System Integration

The ARA Security team of experts interface a range of systems to create an automated solution reducing costs and streamlining human input to mitigate security and operational risks.

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CCTV and Digital Recording Solutions

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Industry Specialisation

A part of the ARA Group, ARA Security has a strong focus on safety, quality and risk management. Our experience in meeting the expectations in the government, corporate, defence and financial sectors makes ARA Security the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial security project.



ARA Security has a proud history of delivering security solutions to the financial sector across Australia and New Zealand.



The ARA Security team has the experience, qualifications and national security clearances ranging from baseline through to NV2 to work with any level of defence.



With an understanding of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) principals and approved by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) to provide specialist Security and locksmith services to high security facilities, ARA Security is highly experienced to provide security solutions to any level of government.



ARA Security plays an integral role in successfully delivering security solutions to the corporate and commercial sector.