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ARA Security provides the highest of quality locksmith services across regional and remote Australia providing clients with a full turnkey service – from system design, through to installation, service, support and maintenance.

Servicing clients Australia-wide, many of our experienced team are Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) approved locksmiths who maintain a national security clearance to NV2, enabling our locksmiths to service defence, government agencies, banking and commercial clients in high security and classified Zone 4 & 5 environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Restricted key systems

ARA Security’s highly-experienced team is certified and authorised to create registered key systems for any budget or location – from one building to an enterprise national solution. Restricted key systems provide a significantly higher level of security and ensure your keys will not be copied without authorisation.

Master key designs

Whether you have five locks or thousands of locks, ARA Security can design, develop, and install a restricted master key system to suit your specific security needs. Locks can be master-keyed to support multi-level access and restrict access to staff members and contractors.

Restricted master key systems provide clients with the assurance of integrity and key control as additional keys can only be provided through a written request signed and authorised by a nominated signatory from your organisation. ARA Security locksmiths can also design a multi-level arrangement where certain personnel can order specific keys within the system, or for higher level keys, this may require multiple signatories to authorise additional keys.

Electronic keying solutions

ARA Security’s locksmiths are specialists in combining the mechanical key with electronics to provide an electro-mechanical master key system. This forms a hybrid product to provide the features of a conventional electronic access control system with those of a mechanical master key system.

The electronic key solution provides the authorised system administrator to remotely void and validate access keys, change access attributes, and obtain audit trails of who opened what and when. We specialise in two of the highest quality electronic master systems – Protec 2 & Cliq and CyberKey & CyberLock.

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What we do

Security solutions

ARA Security designs integrated security and locksmith solutions for a range of specialist and large-scale corporate, financial, defence and government clients.


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System Integration

The ARA Security team of experts interface a range of systems to create an automated solution reducing costs and streamlining human input to mitigate security and operational risks.

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CCTV and Digital Recording Solutions

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Industry Specialisation

A part of the ARA Group, ARA Security has a strong focus on safety, quality and risk management. Our experience in meeting the expectations in the government, corporate, defence and financial sectors makes ARA Security the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial security project.



ARA Security has a proud history of delivering security solutions to the financial sector across Australia and New Zealand.



The ARA Security team has the experience, qualifications and national security clearances ranging from baseline through to NV2 to work with any level of defence.



With an understanding of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) principals and approved by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) to provide specialist Security and locksmith services to high security facilities, ARA Security is highly experienced to provide security solutions to any level of government.



ARA Security plays an integral role in successfully delivering security solutions to the corporate and commercial sector.