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ARA Security specialises in designing, installing, and servicing all classes of intruder detection systems across Australia and New Zealand to industry, banking, commercial and government clients.

Intruder alarm systems are rated from Class 1 (lowest security level, suitable for domestic use) to Class 5 (highest commercially available security level, suitable for protection up to an extreme business level).

The Class 1 Intruder Alarm System meet the Intruder Alarms Standard AS/NZS 2201 and each system is tailored to provide security to meet the needs of each client. ARA Security works with you to determine your risk and recommend the most appropriate security system to suit your business and risk.

The Class 5 Intruder Alarm System provides a high degree of security, offering organisations extremely reliable, robust and versatile systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of facilities such as defence, government agencies, banking, data centres, pharmaceutical and other high value, high risk facilities. Class 5 systems have the following features:

  • Use an active end of line (ELM) module.
  • Use a higher-level authentication process.
  • Use more frequent polling to communicate with the back to base monitoring station of your choice.
  • Include a more stringent battery backup and recharge functionality.
  • Use a more secure cabinet to keep the sophisticated electronics.

Class 5 Intruder Alarms are regularly used by government security as stipulated by the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).

Type 1A Security Alarm System (SAS) are restricted for use by the Australian Government only.

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What we do

Security solutions

ARA Security designs integrated security and locksmith solutions for a range of specialist and large-scale corporate, financial, defence and government clients.


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System Integration

The ARA Security team of experts interface a range of systems to create an automated solution reducing costs and streamlining human input to mitigate security and operational risks.

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CCTV and Digital Recording Solutions

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Industry Specialisation

A part of the ARA Group, ARA Security has a strong focus on safety, quality and risk management. Our experience in meeting the expectations in the government, corporate, defence and financial sectors makes ARA Security the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial security project.



ARA Security has a proud history of delivering security solutions to the financial sector across Australia and New Zealand.



The ARA Security team has the experience, qualifications and national security clearances ranging from baseline through to NV2 to work with any level of defence.



With an understanding of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) principals and approved by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) to provide specialist Security and locksmith services to high security facilities, ARA Security is highly experienced to provide security solutions to any level of government.



ARA Security plays an integral role in successfully delivering security solutions to the corporate and commercial sector.