ARA Security offers a complete solution for the safe custody and storage of your most valuable assets and possessions. From our Cash In Transit service, which provides a direct door-to-door safe custody service, to the ARA Vaults state-of-the-art vault facility which provides a range of safe deposit boxes and bullion safes, to our extensive range of HUD Security’s secure storage products and custom design capability, we provide an end-to-end solution to keep your valuables, your staff and your assets safe.



Safety Deposit Boxes & Vault Storage

We provide a range of safety deposit boxes and bullion safes for the secure storage of your most valuable items and assets. Our private, state-of-the-art vault storage facility in Western Sydney is equipped with world-class technology and is run by highly experienced operators, to provide our members with complete peace of mind. Secure your gold and silver bullion, jewellery, heirlooms, Bitcoin, data and important documents with ARA Vaults. To learn more about secure storage options at our high security vault, click here.

Our Services:

  • Unlimited Free Access to your Safety Deposit Box or Bullion Safe
  • Securely store your Gold or Silver Bullion
  • Door-to-door secure transport service via ARA Security
  • Complimentary insurance up to $10,000 per unit (by Lloyd’s of London)
  • Free Client Parking at our facility in Western Sydney
  • Secure boardroom facilities
  • Storage and inventory verification for SMSF clients
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No appointments necessary

Physical Security Products: Safes, Teller Units, Keyless Locking Systems

Source high-quality and reliable security products from HUD’s extensive range of safes, vaults, teller units, doors, keyless locking systems and more. We provide fully customisable products and fit-outs for businesses across Australia, from Retailers and Banks to Government Agencies, Jewellers, Pharmaceutical companies and the Hospitality industry. Ensure that your staff, assets and cash remain safe and secure. To learn more about the HUD’s security products range, click here.

Our Products:

  • Safes: Commercial Safes, Deposit Safes
  • Vault and Doors: Modular Vaults, Vault Doors, Attack Resistant Doors
  • Fire Resistant Storage: Cabinets and Safes
  • Teller Units: Time delay deposit, Cash drawers
  • Bulk Coin Storage: Security Cabinets, Float Lockers
  • Custom Products: Designed and manufactured to meet your requirements
  • Custom Fit-outs for your business or facility