ARA Locksmiths provides high quality and reliable products from leading manufacturers. This is part of our comprehensive approach to providing security solutions that meet the requirements of your facility.

Talk with one of our experts today about our high security master key systems, electronic access control systems and secure storage products.


  • Restricted Master Key Systems

Given their role in your organisation, certain people will require different levels of access to areas in your building. Allow or deny access for individuals with our restricted master key system solutions.


  • Electronic Keyless Locking Systems

Our electronic keyless locking solutions enable you to control access for all the doors in your building, or group of buildings, from a single PC. Contact ARA Locksmiths to learn more.


  • Safes & Secure Storage

Secure your valuable assets and ensure the safety of your staff with our extensive range of Safes, Vaults, Teller Units, Bulk Coin Storage Solutions and Fire-Resistant Storage – all of which can be designed and installed according to your requirements.


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