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You Can’t Steal What You Can’t See

Fog security systems are one the best way to protect staff, assets and vandalism in hold-up or duress situations, during hours and or after-hours protecting valuable stock and assets.

What Is A Fog Security System?

ARA Security have the exclusive rights to the most superior, fastest and safest Fog Security System on the market today.

The dense fog provides asset coverage and valuable time for the police and responsible persons to arrive.

Our Fog Security System rapidly ejects a dense fog that quickly fills the designated areas providing cover for staff members and making assets impossible to see... and what one cannot see, one cannot steal.

The dense fog that is deployed does not leave any residue on goods and assets and is not harmful to humans or pets.

Fog security is the only technology that effectively works, both during hours and after hours.

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Where To Use Fog Security Systems?

Fog Security Systems are the most effective physical barrier to stop thieves without damaging your property or harming anyone. For this reason our systems are gaining popularity in a range of different scenarios, including:

Why Choose Our Fog Security Systems?

Alarm systems can only inform you about theft, but not prevent it. Once an alarm goes off, thieves have at least 10-15 minutes before police arrive. Our Fog Security System protects your property within seconds!

Benefits of Our
Fog Security System
  • The fastest in fog emission
  • The most dense and persistent fog
  • Certified as not dangerous for people & animals
  • Easy to replace fog cylinders
  • Innovative & patented nozzle tamper
  • Easy setting of shotting time
  • Easy maintenance & on time support
  • Low power consumption starting from 37 W
  • Complies with all European standards & regulations
  • Works for long time without mains power
  • Safe & reliable thanks to the double cylinder & safety system